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The First Quarter


It has been 4 months as a newly elected council member.

We have had many training workshops, and have been brought up to speed of where the town stood prior to taking our new seats.

Our first major order of business has been the annual budget. With over 10 hours in council chambers and 100 personal hours over the last 5 weeks of deep diving into the business cases and presentations, we are 90% of the way there.

The struggle is wanting to provide increased services and programming for our community, while trying not to burden the tax payer with a major increase.

With a deadline near, it is difficult to dive deeper and look into efficiencies.

So many great discussions in the chambers have happened. We are also in the process of putting together our Strategic Plan, and once everything is aligned, we will have a greater understanding of where the future as one council will focus.

Most of our committees have been formed, with some amazing residents stepping up to have a seat at them.

Re-elected Councilors have been patient while guiding us through the meeting procedures, and words of encouragement continue to come in from residents.

It has been 4 month as a newly elected council member and we are just getting started at delivering.

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