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One community.

As some of you may or may not know, although I have stood on stage and in front of large crowds for years, I have social anxiety.

I do not allow it to prevent me from doing so many great things in life, but the challenge is real.

Large crowds and the energy in them, throws me into seizures when it becomes too much.

Ahead of the community centre meeting on Monday, I asked all my fellow council members for their support in recessing when I needed to as well as let them know I would step out myself if required. They all respected that and gave me encouragement.

Moving the meeting to such a large venue was already a trigger for me.

The first recess that Councilor Erwin Wiens called was because I asked for it.

The clapping was intimidating for me.

Don't know why, but it's a trigger.

It was a VERY heavy decision we were asked to make and I wanted to be sure to get all the information and facts straight as a new Councilor.

Councilor Wiens is a very sympathetic man and very protective and respectful.

He was emotionally loaded as we all were from the pressures of the night.

Chairing that meeting was tough. 

What is tougher for me, is to read all the comments and emails that we are receiving about the requests to recess, knowing that I was the one who requested it and Council Weins was just respecting my request.

Please be kind to all.

It is not an easy position to have. But we stepped up, put our names in, ran, got elected and now have the weight of this community on our shoulders. We accept that. 

Someone told me a few weeks ago “People in this town have this idea that everyone and everything is friendly and has to be and should be and we should all be comfortable. But that's not real life. You're a politician, you're gonna get nasty emails.”

I’m not a politician. I am a resident, local business owner, mom and community leader who stepped up and wants to represent this community.

I am in a political seat, but as promised during campaign, will be honest and transparent.

This is me being honest. I, myself asked for the recess. I do not apologize for doing so.

I am more than capable of this position and as any other human in our community, have the right to do my job in an environment I am comfortable in.

Many of us on council agree, disagree and argue but at the end of the day respect each other and don’t allow “politics “ to change us or the way we treat each other.

Thank you Deputy Lord Mayor for your support and leadership.

One community.

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Patricia Milland
Patricia Milland
Apr 27, 2023

You go, Girl! Being vulnerable is a strength. Asking for what you need is a strength. Who you are is right! In every moment. You are not alone.


Apr 26, 2023

Vulnerability is a strength! Keep up the great work, so proud of you!

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