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Not a Politician.

It’s been 6 months into year 2 of my term.

Thought last year was tough with criticism until now. Growing up here, I’ve always been proud of the supportiveness that the community had. Whether it was in business, or a community event, fundraiser or our hubs.

Being on council you meet and interact with many residents for the first time. Hearing about an issue, asking “how can I help?” and then working towards a solution together is such a great experience.

The challenges of making decisions that will affect so many residents and villages is tough.

You have to separate your heart from your head.

You have to ignore those that pressure you to vote a certain way (in support or against) in hundreds of emails, and continue looking at facts. When some try to bring you down, you need to state facts.

Here are some emails I have received over the last few weeks. Many of these residents are only brave enough to send these directly to me and would never say these in public.

Even the many emails I received in support of all decisions - as those are terrified speaking publicly because of what the backlash towards them personally and business wise would do.

Please remember, there are always many sides to all decisions. I campaigned to be transparent and honest. I do not vote in hopes of being reelected. I vote with my head on each item as it is presented to me individually today.

I the first to admit, I am not a politician. I am a mom, business owner, volunteer, community member and practical thinker. What I mean is, I don’t play games. I don’t make decisions based on reelection and I am as straight as they come.

Last night at a Canada Day celebration, I had people I never met before approach me and thank me for representing all residents.

It was a great feeling especially with my daughter next to me, to hear that there is good that comes with the ugly.

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